Gordon has a problem

My grandson Josh,5 called me and said his HO Bachmann Gordon Express
has a problem. It seems that his father, while trying to re-rail
Gordon and the passenger cars, set Gordon in a lake made of the "clear
water" material. As things go where little people live, a ruckus began
with the other grandson, 2. My son went to straighten that up and it
taking some time forgot about Gordon in the lake.
The next day my son passed by the layout and saw Gordon embedded in the
lake ! He said it took some effort to get the locomotive out without
breaqking anything. He made the layout some 4 months ago and followed
the directions for the clear water material when buiding the lake -
thin layers allow it to set up before addind another layer. The lake
seemed to be "hard" to the touch, but perhaps it was only the top layer
- I don't know.
However the problem of cleaning up Gordon remains. The locomotive
runs, but not as well as before, and seems to squeak occasionally.
I have told him to stop running the train until it gets cleaned up, but
Kosh still wants to use it because neither Thomas nor Percy can pull
the train as good as Gordon.
HELP, please.
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John Carter
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John Carter wrote in news:Xns9C847E3F1E08Djcartgmailcom@
For the time being, suggest that both Thomas and Percy pull the train while Gordon is at "The Works." Sometimes the engines help each other out on the Island of Sodor.
To clean Gordon, you'll have to take the model apart. Look for bits of the water material in the drive train and on the wheels. If there's a lot of it, you may need to remove it with a dremel tool. Use a brass brush FIRST, as a steel brush will scratch the metal surfaces. If it's on plastic parts, you could try removing it with a slightly dull xacto knife blade. Use a scraping motion to remove just the water material from the surface.
When finished, clean the old lube off the drive train and relube the engine.
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