Help With a 1961 Lionel Super Chief Set

Hi, please excuse the interruption and simplistic questions to your news group.

I am looking for some guidance on valuing and selling a 1961 or 62 Lionel Super Chief passenger set. This was owned by my dad as part of a very large Lionel collection. He sold most of it off just before he passed away but left this set out of the auction (as it was the very first he purchased.) He bought it new back in 1961.

The set is of no use to me at this point so I would like to see it find a good home with a collector. The set is:

Santa Fe 2382 A Santa Fe A (Dummy) 2383 Santa Fe B

2583 Indian Falls Passenger Car 2562 Regal Pass Dome Car (three of these) 2561 Vista Valley Observation Car

All in Very Good Condition except the B unit which is in Good condition

No Boxes

What are these worth and what is the best avenue to sell these?

Any advise and guidance is appreciated. And if this is not the right forum to ask these questions, please direct me one that is.

Thanks, Paul

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If you want train advice you are in the wrong place. This board is run by a few angry men who trash anyone they dont like or know. Most post under multiple names.

The best th> Hi, please excuse the interruption and simplistic questions to your > news group.

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Charles Siegel has an on-line price guide:

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Greenberg's Lionel Pocket Price Guide--2007 Edition:

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Bill Bill's Railroad Empire N Scale Model Railroad:

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History of N Scale:
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Railroad Books, Toys, and Trains:
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to 1,200 sites:
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Nice one, pcmancini! You must've been reading the Merry Christmas thread. Heh heh.

Sorry, can't help you with your problem, though.

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