Questions about MTH O-gage trains

Dear train experts,
I have two 0-gage Rail-King train sets, and I would appreciate getting
information about the background and history of the trains they
represent from some of the rail experts on this ng.
One includes the MTH 2-8-4 Mohawk steam engine with tender marked "New
York Central." I also have the four-car heavy rail Madison passenger car
set, in grey-black-white colors, also marked New York Central. - The
passenger cars have six-wheel wheel sets and are about 16 inches long.
I would appreciate someone providing some historical background of such
trains. - It's my understanding that the Mohawk engines were used in
both freight and passenger service in the 1920-1940 era, and that the
heavy-rail passenger cars would have been used on the NYC in the 30's. -
Is this about right?
The second train is the MTH Santa-Fe PA AA diesel, with red/orange/and
yellow "warbonnet" engine design and with four aluminum passenger cars.
- I'm assuming that this train would be similar to the Santa-Fe Chiefs
that were in service between California and Chicago in the late 1930's.
I also have an old Lionel 4-6-4 Hudson engine, purchased used, that I
think was built around 1965. I'm assuming that these Hudsons are pretty
common, and that they were generally used for passenger service.
Thanks for any information, or suggestions for further reading.
Jim Cate
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Google on "New York Central Mohawk", and you'll get lots of good info.
The Hudsons were also NYC engines, so google on that name as well.
IIRC, there is NYC historical society, that's where you will find the information you want.
Ditto for Santa Fe (the "Atchinson Topeka and Santa Fe").
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