HOn3 or HOn30

I'm about to build my first micro layout and I'm trying to decide
between HOn3 or HOn30. I think I'm aware of the pros and cons of each
but I'd appreciate any advice or tips. My scratchbuilding skills are
pretty much limited to building wooden craftsman type
kits....structures and rolling stock. Budget is also a factor.
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snipped-for-privacy@yahoo.com (Charles) wrote in news: snipped-for-privacy@posting.google.com:
Before you start, work your way through this site:
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He has about 200 micro layout plans. Be sure to look at the Scrapbook and the Links. You may event want to go On30 or larger after you see what can be done.
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Lobby Dosser
HOn30 (on N gauge track) will involve kitbashing your own motive power. There really isn't even much brass HOn30 available. Plus side: ALOT of good mechanisms available. Rolling stock would pretty much be HOn3 with different trucks.
HOn3 Locomotives will be easier to obtain. And Con-Cor just came out with that very cool Galloping Goose. MDC kits are OK with the NWSL regear kits. Grandt Line has some small motive power that isn't TOO hard to build. AND M.E. and Shinohara make good track.
I prefer the HOn3. But I actually work in On30 right now.
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HOn30 is a lot of fun. I find kit-bashing, or even scratch-building, locos using N-Gauge mechanisms much easier than I expected.
Rolling Stock is not really a problem, there are quite a few excellent HOn30 kits around now, from Chivers, Stevens Creek Models, etc.
Another thought for you to consider is Nn3 or HOn20. I built a Class A Climax in HOn20 for a little switchback line on my railroad - this is a scratchbuild, mainly styrene, on a Microtrains Z-Gauge FT. It's quite a neat little loco - I'm well pleased with it!
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for some of my puny efforts.
Jeff Law Bigg & Orsum Railroad New Zealand
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Jeff Law

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