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I have an new/unopened Kato NW2 P/N: 37-116 (phase 2, painted for the SP (Grey/red #1906)) that I originally bought to strip and repaint. After listening to some of the pitfalls in stripping paint I thought I might ask if anyone on the list here has a undecorated or Frisco painted one they would like to trade.



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Art Marsh
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Hi Art,

If there isn't a Frisco trade to be made and you have any interest in trading your SP NW2 for a Southern engine from my trio [listed in the thread below this one], let me know. I realize this is not what you are looking to do, but I figured that I would toss it out there just in case you happen to model the Southern Railroad.

Regards, Matt Brennan

mc snipped-for-privacy@yahoo.com

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Matt & Kathleen Brennan

What scale Art? N or HO ?

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Kato has a sale on NW2 shells for $9.98

formatting link

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Dave Mitton

Sorry, Didn't know they had N scale.

HO it is.

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Art Marsh

Wow, Thanks Dave,

I will order a couple of shells to test out the stripp>

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Art Marsh


I will be modeling the Frisco in Kansas and Northeastern Oklahoma which means I am a long way from the Frisco/Southern interchange points. I cannot find a reference to Kato ever offering a NW2 in Frisco paint so I will be buying a shell or two to play with.

I am glad they do offer extra shells as I would ultimately like one in both the Black w/yellow chevrons and also one in the Chevy Engine block Red (orange) / White schemes. But I do want to thank you for your offer. I take it you have interest in the SP line?

Take care

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Art Marsh

I ordered a CN one myself. Thanks for the pointer Dave.


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