Like run down, gritty city scenes?

Hi Guys. The five new HO kits, Skid row Two DD1032 $69.95) Skid Row
Three (DD1033 $49.95) Rescue Mission (DD1034 $34.95) Kitty Korner Strip
Club (DD1035 $34.95) & the weathered sidewalk set (4'+ feet for $24.95)
are shipping now. Thanks for waiting. I'm a one guy operation & the
amount of work involved with mfg. & casting over a 1000 kits is
immense. In any case, if you've already ordered you'll get your kits
soon. If you want to order you can email or give me a call. We take
PayPal now as well as visa/mc/discover.
The kits are in the new Gazette, full page ad.
Stay cool.
Randy Pepprock
Downtown Deco
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Randy, your kits are certainly nice. I have one of your N scale El Rio Theater kits from about 10 years ago and it's one of the highlights of my downtown scene.
BTW, you didn't include a link to your website. Here it is:
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Bill Bill's Railroad Empire N Scale Model Railroad:
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History of N Scale:
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Railroad Bookstore:
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to 1,100 sites:
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