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Hi again.

I know Marklin isn't the biggest make on this group but I'm hoping somebody will be able to point me to some good reference on the various generations of digital technology they've iterated over and their respecive cross-compatibility.

What I mean is, if I have (say) an old Delta controller and a new mfx loco, is the "run" and "reverse" encoding from the Delta controller compatible with the loco? I know (from reading the specs I've found) that the reverse is true; a "beter" controller can always handle an older train and (obviously) the Delta controller can't handle any of the fancier functions on the mfx loco.

Reason for asking? There are a lot of various offerings on the used Marklin market around here and while I'm not planning any move to digital right now, my purchases might be influenced by which parts can work (well) together in the potential future.

/Torsten Lif

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There are four generations of Ma Digital, from the original Lenz design through the the latest but perhaps not yet available units. The only non-backwards-compatiblity was the original I gauge units which were replaced when Ma went from Lenz to Motorola. Everything else is compatible in the sense of locos (decoders) operating with Digital control systems to the limit of the intended operation of the lowest part. I gauge/HO gauge control components don't neccessarily fit together.

Regards, Greg.P.

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Cool, thanks!

I've got an order waiting for a new loco that's not yet delivered (a small electric switching engine that's from the same era as my old vintage gear, i.e. from when I was a kid :-/ ) and of course it has a digital decoder in it. And then as I was scouring the net for transformers, a new-in-box transformer+Delta controller combo came floating by under my nose. At $40US for the combo, it was a steal (transformer alone retails at $120), so I stole it...

I suppose I will not be able to keep myself from tinkering with it, once the new loco arrives.

One more question coming up, under a separate thread.


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Try this German site (translated to English) :

or some details about various decoders (only in German) : / Decoder / Übersicht leads to


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