Marklin layout

I recently was handed a complete DCC Marklin train layout with the
control unit/ 2 transformers, 1 booster. The cables became detached
from the layout during the transport. To make matters worst, part of
the power supply fell which pulled out some of the wirings.
I was able to reconnect most of the wirings for the lights and
switches, but upon testing the trains, I decided it was wise to test
only one train (in case the wiring is not correct). This train when
set on the track rolls extremely slowly, and at time stops.
1- is there a good way to find out if the moteur is burnt or dammage?
2- any suggestions are more than welcomed...
many thanks,
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Try Marklin's web site. Marklin has a lot of information about its products available in PDF documents.
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Hhhmmm, I have gone through all their PDFs, still no luck. There's one link on their website, but I need to be a member. regards.
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