Need help finding Plasticard sheet

A request to any of our UK friends here how can answer this: I'm looking to get some of the plastic sheet brick material that Plasticard makes. A while (more than 10 years, actually) ago, I got a sample pack from them with, among other textures, contained several brick sheet pieces. A couple of these in particular were outstanding in their realism. I'd like to get some full-size sheets to make some structures. What's the best way to obtain this company's products in the U.S.?

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David Nebenzahl
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Hi David

The UK company Mainly Trains URL

formatting link

Has the full Slaters range and will ship to the USA. I can recommend their fast and helpful service.


Tony Cane

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t.cane spake thus:

Ah, Slaters, that's the name. Thanks.

Now all I have to do is:

  1. Find the sample that I liked.
  2. Mail them a piece of the sample so they can match it.
  3. Figure out the pound--> $ conversion ratio.
  4. Figure out how the hell to send payment.
  5. Place an order.

Aren't international transactions fun?

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David Nebenzahl

Sure, that's what credit cards or Paypal are all about. You pay a little extra but the ease of use more than makes up for that extra fee. I've used both methods without any problems to pay all over the world.

Remeber? We live in 21st Century! :-P


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Peter W.

David Nebenzahl wrote: [...]Ah, Slaters, that's the name. Thanks.

The supplier will take VISA - and VISA gives you the best rates - better than most banks.

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