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If you'll forgive the somewhat off topic post, I have a problem with which I was hoping model railroaders might be able to help me.

For a purpose other than models (speakers), I need 4 knife switches that I'd like to be either nice and retro looking, or at least somewhat fancy if new. Something like brass blades mounted on a wooden base... or even a nice ceremic one. All I can find is this little black plastic and steel one, which would admittedly work fine, but looks sort of cheesy.

Anyway, right or wrong, my mental image of model railroads have these switches on them, and I figured you'd want your setup to look attractive too. We'll see...


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Gregg Horan
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I'm not sure what they have on hand at any given moment, but American Science & Surplus in Milwaukee may have stuff like that.

It's been 20 years since I've seen their catalog, but Edmund's Scientific might have them also if they're still in business.

There are numerous electronic supply houses on the web. Jameco comes to mind instantly. Try a search engine with "knife switch" and see what you get, besides more crap than you can possibly imagine. The problem of the web: separating the wheat from the chaff.

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