Older Steam Era Car Pictures

For any of you guys into modeling the 1880's to the 1920's here is a link to
a pictorial of Saint Charles Car Company rolling stock. It appears there
were a great number of their products on the rails back then. There are lots
of large very good quality photos of equipment from well known and obscure
railroads that are excellent if you want to see detail. Freight cars,
Passenger Cars with some floor plans, Caboose's, Industrial Railroad
Equipment, Street Cars, Dummy's, Both Standard Gauge and Narrow Gauge, close
ups of trucks, and interior shots. I found this site a few weeks back but
did not realize there were more pictures than just the one page I came up
with doing a search. I just went back to down load a few pictures and
discovered there were a lot more. Bruce
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Bruce Favinger
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Great stuff. Thanks for posting the site.
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C.A. Decker
For what it's worth, St. Charles Car Co. was one of the 13 companies which merged in 1899 to form American Car and Foundry Company (now ACF Industries -
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