Rusty 55 Gallon Drums.

Gary, Try rolling thin copper strip round a wodden dowel solder at joint
then 'rust' with PCB etchant should work. You could also try thin brass
strip as well I would think it would react moch like copper Malcolm.
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Malcolm Donaldson
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On Sat, 11 Jun 2005 21:07:04 +1200, "Malcolm Donaldson" claims:
For 1/4 inch scale, I wrap copper wire around wood dowels at intervals, and soldered the ends together. They act as molds for the aluminum foil I then form around the dowel. Then unwrap the foil carefully and glue the ends of the foil together. With an application of rusty paint, it looks just like a 55 gal. drum. You can dent a few of them for realism, then place them near a puddle of green scummy looking liquid, tipping one or two of the drums into the puddle. You can add a few scale dead animals alongside the puddle. Looks great when modeling a New Jersey pike. Being a long time O Scaler, I learned to make do with what I have on hand. S Scalers are probably even more used to scratchbuilding.
Cordially, Ken (NY)
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