Scrap Aluminum loads

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Pretty much any sort of scrap metal is carried that way. A good place to see this in action in a small space is Phillips Metals in St Louis (a fantastic modelling possibility). Here are some links to Live Earth and Google Maps images.
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David Bromage
Thanks the first microSHAFT links didn't work but the Google did! I'm making a rather large composite picture of this area for future ideas!
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Big Rich Soprano
Agreed on MicroPuts (or MickeySoft or . . .), but the links did work for me.
But where was the Derelict Davenport?
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Steve Caple
It worked here too... Sometimes the people doing the bad-mouthing are the actual source of the problems.
It looks like they are converting the rail bridge over the Mississippi River just east of the property to a highway bridge?
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Mark Mathu

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