Story- funny or mean ?

So we had put in a new orb that was about 8 feet wide and 42 feet long.
All the mainline was in and we were trying to do a temp tie in to the
old section until a trestle could be built and installed.
We cut the radius from a 3/4 inch piece of plywood and clamped it to a
few 2x2 legs as well as attaching it at both ends. Dave and I had
been working at it all weekend..Friday night, all day Saturday and
Saturday night till about 2 am and now it was Sunday afternoon.
We were happy to be alone at the club so that we could get the track
work done with as little interuption as possible. Not only was it done,
it was running smoothly. At this point we started putting up " guard
rails" in areas that were exposed and naked to prevent the possibility
of derailments dropping 4 feet to the floor.
This is the area now:
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In some areas I had installed crumped up brown kraft paper to fill in
the scenery voids and give us an idea on the possibilities. Dave was
busy at the trestle area cutting guard rails and I was doing the "paper
The door opens and here comes another club member. One of those ones
that really doesn't do much work on the layout but has some really nice
rolling stock. He also own 1 really nice brass engine. The engine has
remained brass so that people will know he owns a piece of brass. If
it were painted, how would someone know it's brass ?
Well, here he comes lugging what seems like 4 suitcases full of cars
that he doesn't leave at the club but likes to see run. After looking
at the work that had been done since Friday night, he's excited to say:
Wow, I can't wait to see my equipment run on that !
Nope, nothing about how much work has been done, nothing about "Hey
guys, is there anything I can do ? " No, he just proceeds to the back
of the club and starts unpacking his equipment and making up a LONG
train. I know I "thought" he was just going to be in the back but I
realized I wasn't the only one thinking this by the look on Dave's face
as he came around an orb and states " hey guys, can you step back a few
minutes while I run my train through ?"
Now this is a guy who does run at protypical speed -20MPH. He usually
walks along with his face 2 inches away from the wheels of the loco
making sure it runs like a watch.
I step away and as I see the look on Dave's face, I know something is
up. The train makes the grade and has rounded the end of the orb and
is headed towards the piece we were just working on.........with that 4
foot drop to the floor, since no guard rails were attached yet.
It's at this point that Dave tells have to really go
slow, this piece was just put in and we've only tested it
twice"................thats ok, I'll go slow.
So as it approaches the sliver of track perched 4 feet in the air, he
has to walk down about 40 feet to a control panel to set up his
approach to the north yard.
We've been watching this train move in slow motion for what seems like
30 minutes.....the guy has his back to his train, it's going over the
track in the air..............
Dave turns and looks at me with this evil look, smiles and throws the
big staple gun down on the hardwood floor and adds a " Ohh SH*T ".
I don't think I've ever seen anyones eyes come THAT far out of their
EVERYONE still laughs about this to this day.
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the OTHER Mike
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the OTHER Mike spake thus:
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Hmm; probably well-deserved. In any case:
DISCLAIMER: No model locomotives or pieces of rolling stock were harmed during the creation of this story.
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David Nebenzahl
With a fiendish mind like yours (and Dave's), the gates of hell will be open to you.
The good news is... You'll probably see the rest of us there already - and with an operating layout.
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