The UP License Thing

I talked to a lot of people at the Rosemont show. All of them have,
are, or will produce UP lettered merchandise. Only two of the twelve
or so have signed the UP agreement.
The two who did sign gave expected responses. Business is business,
etc. Perhaps, but also short sighted.
Among the others, the most difficult aspect will be unity. Every
manufacturer is of course free to pursue their own deal with UP, sign
it as-is, or walk away and "opt out" of UP merchandise, or fly on
tradition (100 years of precedent is a pretty good foundation) and
take their chances. But a consensus would be helpful.
There is of course no guarantee but I'm satisfied that there is a
plan, or plans, and its gratifying to see there are some major players
who aren't lining up for the slaughter. Y'all can say what you will
about me, and my thoughts on this and ridicule my opinion, but - I'll
leave it at that. I've talked to the players, and its in their hands,
and they are capable. We'll just have to wait and see. And this will
take considerable time. Lack of news is not bad news in this case.
Oh yeah, it was also interesting to listen to the stories change
depending on who was listening. I'm amazed sometimes how much heat an
employee will stand there and take pretending a mistake was his own
decision, when in fact it was made over his head and he's not happy
with it either. I don't understand it, but it's common enough that it
must be something a lot of people believe is doing their duty to their
employer. Got to observe this first hand when a major publisher made
a really bad decision a few years back. It's happening now with the
UP license. People are being defensive, maybe just out of
embarrassment at having capitulated. I dunno. Sometimes people in
newsgroups even get defensive over something they had nothing to do
with. It's just a hobby but the fundamentals of human behavior
continue to fascinate me.
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