TRAIN MINATURE cars For Sale on eBay

I have listed a number of Train Minature cars on ebay. These are from
a private collection dating back to the 1960s and 1970.
Click on this link to see pictures of some of them:
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I listed some of them, in error, under the hearing of TYCO HO. Check
my other auctions and you should be able to pick out the Train
Minatures cars from that list.
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Bill Hansen
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"Bill Hansen" wrote
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---------------------------- 1600+ positive feedbacks and you don't know that the listing errors can be corrected w/o penalty?
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Nice pictures BTW, but your html fonts are stupid, distracting and unnecessary.
Also some of your descriptions are bogus as H***:
Does anyone else feel this caboose's condition is "excellent"?
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And none of your items are "unique". You probably deserve a lot more negative than you already have.
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Dont Know My Name
That caboose has no bids. Gee, it is in great condition, if one wants a junker that has been shipped across country parcel post inside of a crate of nails.............
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