Another genny problem

We have several small generators at our Saxon site. Three of them are Hondaish, 2.2kva , all have single bolt brushless armatures. I don't think that any of them have heat sensitive resets - at least there is nothing to say so - & upon stripping the innards are very simple.We deliberately never use earthing pins.

Occasionally, a genny in use will run a drill without difficulty but if you put it down then pick it up again, sometimes (and - of course - intermittently) it will not work. Sometimes, changing the load for another tool or lamp will recall it to its duty and it will be fine again.

This has happened several times over the years and none of us can think of an explanation.

Any ideas?

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Intermittent drill?

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Jon Rogers

"Jon Rogers" wrote

Agreed. I would not in the first intance blame the generator.

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