brushless gas burnt power generator problem

I'm trying to solve the following problem.::
a 66Kv generator which is gas burnt and brushless, when run on no load
condition the nearby TV sets start acting weirdly. a distorted noise
line is received in the television monitor. the line moves vertically
from down to up and the line itself is harizontally accross the screen.
what i think is that it might b something transmitted by the generator
itself and received by the Tv. is it possible? does anyone have any
idea asto what it is and how it can b solved?
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66000 volts?
Age of generator?
Not uncommon for older generators to be producers of signals that affect TV's and radios.
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Somehow I think you mean 66 kw, not kv (kilowatts, not kilovolts). Even the very large utility sized generators are only about 25kilovolt output (but several hundred megawatts).
A brushless generator could be one of several types. Most likely it has a static exciter using a phase-controlled AC-DC controlled field. This type could be responsible for the noise you mention. A lot of noise near 60 hertz (in North America's NTSC TV spec) would show up as something similar to vertical sync pulses and could cause the line you describe. (or 50 hz in PAL TV).
TV's can be very susceptible to this sort of noise, which is one reason why they chose the same frequency as the power system. With grid supplied power, the noise frequency is almost a perfect match all the time with the TV signal so you don't see it. With a genny running slightly off speed, you'll get this scrolling line affect.
When you have the problem, try to vary the genny speed for a moment to see if it changes the line on the TV screen. If it does, then you at least know the culprit.
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Actually, with compatible color TV, (NTSC), the vertical scan frequency was set at 2/525 of the horizontal scan. To avoid certain intermod problems, the vertical scan turned out to be 1000/1001 of the power line frequency, (~59.94 Hz). The horizontal frequency is 2/455 times the chrominance sub-carrier frequency (3.579545 MHz).
I would suspect the generator. (Especially if it's 66Kv!) :-) > > When you have the problem, try to vary the genny speed for a moment to see > if it changes the line on the TV screen. If it does, then you at least know > the culprit. > > daestrom > >
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I assume that it is a 60Hz generator , not a 66Kv generator which is unlikely to exist.Daestrom has the likely answer- this was far more common a few years ago.
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Don Kelly
1] i'm still a student[undergrad] of EEE. so i really didn't understand the term "GENNY SPEED". can someone please explain it
2] if the vilain is really the 66Kv generator. then what might b the reassons for generating the 60Hz signal?
3] how can i solve it?
p:S: i'm really new here but it feels nice to know that there are people out there who ACTUALLY is friendly and likes to share knowledge. TY people. i really appericate it.
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Slang for 'generator speed measured in revolutions per minute'. Changing the generator speed slightly will change the output frequency. If changing the generator output frequency slightly shows up as the vertical line on the TV scrolling by faster or slower, then that is conclusive proof that the line of interference on the TV screen is being caused by some part of the generator.
Well, we may have *assumed* somethings here that were wrong. All you've told us about your generator is that it is 66 Kv. Several of us (myself included) have *assumed* that what you really have is a 66 kw generator used for producing AC power for supplying household equipment. That would be a 240 V, 60HZ AC generator.
Are you dead sure this is a 66 kilovolt generator? If so, just exactly what is the nameplate information on this generator? At 66 Kv, it clearly is *not* your average home-power generator (which we have all assumed up until now).
This will depend on your answers to the questions above.
People come in all sizes/shapes. Some more friendly than others. You just have to learn to take the good with the bad.
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