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Someone I have not heard from in ten years (it pays to keep your phone number) has just bought a Douglas autotruck. He uses the term loosely because of its similarity in task orientation to the Lister Autotruck. Perhaps not intended for outdoor work, it is a narrow aisle vehicle with a footprint of not more than three feet. One sits upon the engine cowling with ones feet astride the front wheel.

The big SV air-cooled transverse fin engine is seized, but he (a marine engineer of many years experience) does not think it's terminal.

And that's about as much as either he or I know and he will not have it at his place until next week. Any details of this curious beast would be welcome ;o))


Kim Siddorn

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ISTR that some time ago this group managed to ID an engine as belonging to one of these pallet trucks and that there was some info in SEM.

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