What do Lister engines sell for?

Hello group,
What would be a good price to list an LT1 engine for? I don't really
know where to start price wise, as I have no idea what these engines
sell for, so any help would be great.
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It depends on the condition of the engine and what other features, if any, it has. It is not a collectable engine as such.
If it is a fully running engine in good condition, you could try £40 - £50 as a starter, but small air-cooled diesels don't sell that well unless someone needs a replacement engine.
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Peter A Forbes
We had a very similar discussion last week at our model engineering club night, very standard LD1, complete, running when stopped 15 years ago plus, etc. and after a trawl through a load of old SE magazines decided the same, =A350.
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About eight years ago I came across a plant dealer on the outskits of Leeds who was collecting Lister LDs, LRs,SLs, and SRs for export to Indonesia. He was giving =A3100 per pot/engine as long as it ran. His yard was about thirty by forty yards, with singles, twins, and a few triples heaped up everywhere. An awesome yet sad sight! He was rebuilding engines using parts from damaged engines. He was hoping to fill a second container before the shipping date. There were two skips full of all sorts of discarded pumps, generators, pullies, gears, and a cut-up autotrucks. I sold him one LD and exchanged a cobbled together, but running, LR for a seized engined Lister LR2 powered autotruck. Similarly, about four years ago, a Teesside dealer was offering =A3115. Again, he only wanted the older LD and LR models.
Regards, Dave Carter.
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