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Following on from the recent thread about the floods and standby gennies, please all remember that basic safety precautions regarding fuel handling and storage and electrickery still apply....

We have a little Villiers-powered set that was used by the MOD and GPO in various versions, and while it is nominally rated at 500VA, it will happily start up decent sized motors and run our big 1000W drill without too much stress.

I think the specifications for these things was very much overdone, and they are probably capable of double their rating for half an hour or so. Ours was used up the field to drill 1/2" holes through two railway sleepers, probably 30 or so, and it was no trouble at all.

The other unit rarely comes out as it is a 4-man portable 4.5kVA Air-Log set with an ILO 372cc 2-stroke engine, mechanically governed and hellishly noisy off-load.

We have had 6kW out of it with fan heaters and it still had more to come.


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We used to have some of these JLO's 325cc? singles running arc welding plants. Immensely noisy, thirsty, but the worst fault was they would start OK in the morning but once warm you daren't stop them or you would never get them started again

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