Philips MP1002CA

For the curious I have added drawings, a diagram of the plumbing
arrangements and 'condensed' operating instructions for the Philips:-
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The starting procedure requires that the burner first be warmed by lighting
the atomised fuel issuing from the jet, then that is extinguished and the
burner proper lit. Now the engine must be pressurised from the tank/carrying
frame and, once the heater head is thoroughly warm, you can finally try to
start the thing. Oh, and don't forget to recharge the starting tank before
shutting down.
I think I got that right, but bear in mind I haven't actually tried it yet!
All this requires the manipulation of three valves and an air choke in the
correct sequence together with observing the pressure gauge readings, plus,
if you didn't have enough pressure in the tank some work with a foot pump.
Add to that that there is a supplement describing "improvements made before
dispatch" (but clearly after the main body of the handbook was written)
covering the operation of two more burner controls which not all sets have,
and you can judge for yourself whether this could really be considered a
fully mature consumer product even by the standards of the early 1950's.
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A bottle of gin would be more acceptable ;-)
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Shall I leave the shot gun leaning against the back door loaded with the catch off as it seems as if you may need it.
Martin P
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Philips put a huge amount of money into these engines after the war, and they did a fair bit before and during as well, it accounted for a big chunk of what we would call their research budget.
There's a bit in Alastair McLean's "When Eight Bells Toll" (I think) book about a guy (Tim) with a big trawler which supposedly had a big pair of Stirling type engines, don't know if that was artistic licence or genuine, in which case the details would have been interesting. Haven't read the book again for some years, but that detail remains in my memory.
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Peter A Forbes
"Peter A Forbes" wrote
I can't remember the last time I read a 'story' book but I'll add that one to the list of 'fiction with engineering content' which I might get round to one day!
BTW. About the only return Philips saw on their investment was the sale of industrial air liquifying machines based on a reversed stirling engine principle.
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