Beginning to suffer a little from cabin fever so we went out shopping
today. We chose to go to Bourne End remembering there was an antiques
centre there which usually has a selection of old engineering tools only
to find it had turned into another costa bloody coffee shop.
Now Helen is quite happy searching various supermarkets for 'reduced for
quick sale' bargains to re stock the freezer or prodding round the odd
clothes shop etc etc, and while one should not really generalise, this
is probably typical of many of the fairer sex who can therefore get a
retail fix any day of the week in any high street, but just what are us
chaps supposed to do?
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This is where I can pass on some useful tips, adopt a Daughter. My Daughter now 29 in years organises the invalid scooter at all of the places that hire them then she and her mother disappear off to shop themselves silly whilst I stay at home and await the little extra presents that may come my way when they return.
Martin P
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........ but just what are us chaps supposed to do?
Pass one of these over her handbag every day before going to work.!! ;>)
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Live long and prosper.......until she finds out.!!!
Regards, DJC.
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I meant how are us chaps supposed to get a quick retail, or even window shopping fix now that the high street is devoid of so much as an interesting hardware store, let alone a good old fashioned antiques / junk shop?
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I know of several Emporiums that I can disappear into but I never shop with the wife, we would have been divorced years ago :-)
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These would be great to rejuvenate tired old magnetos - just clunk on onto the body!
Polarity wouldn't matter - it would swamp the existing!
Just make sure you have long arms to keep it away from your watch and pacemaker . . .
JW², wishing all a happy and healthy New Year
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