Vane pumps

I've always had the impression that vane-pumps were designed to shift gas
rather than liquid. Am I wrong?
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Roland Craven
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Yep! :-) Vickers would have been the biggest makers of vane hydraulic pumps..:
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I don't think they're interchangeable, but there are vane pumps for moving both.
I've even seen one vane pump that was shifting solids around - plastic beads going into an injection moulder. I think it was more of a metering control than a pump - it fed straight into a screw conveyor
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Andy Dingley
We often get vane pumps in for repair,and in most cases the air movers have carbon vanes and the liquid movers have metal vanes.Contradictory to that the first engine I restored was a JAP Mk 5 on a "Climax Rock Drill Engineering" compressor set dated 1942 and that had steel vanes.
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