What did you buy at Cheffins

With all due credit to CCW( Counter Clock Wise) and Mark Drake.

I didn't go to Cheffins and neither did most of the antendees of the Anson weekend, so I'm bursting with curiosity to know what was seen and what was bought at Cheefins last weekend. Some of you must have been there.

Loud cheers and tobacco spits,

Arthur G

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Arthur Griffin
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I went and just bought a bacon roll and a coffee !!!

Most of the interesting engines went for too much, especially as there was a

11.5% buyers premium. There were loads of Stuart Turner engines and my mate Rob bought one with a 24V genny all on a cast base for £134.00 total which was good.

I am looking for a generator to drive from my Petter M and there was another ST with a generator but it would have been sacrilege to break it up...it went for just £110.....

A half size traction engine made £28.000 and a full size one stopped just £1.000 short of its reserve of £70.000 fascinating to see the early bids going up £10.000 at a time.

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Pete Aldous

Didn't go but looked at catalogue on internet. Most of the Stuarts were part of late Brian Sharp's collection, though some of the rarer engines he was supposed to have had seem to be absent. Looks like prices were sensible though.

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Nick Highfield

Nick, Not all of Brian's engines made the Auction.

Martin P

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Results now available on line (posted on wrong thread last time!)

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Prices on Stuart stuff (excepting OC engines) do indeed seem to have been reasonable. I suspect Kim will be kicking himself at having missed lot 1032 for his military small power collection. Lot 1944 puzzles me though, an 80w lightweight charging set at £270!!??

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Nick Highfield

"Nick Highfield" wrote (snip):-

Sorry, that should be lot 1932!

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Nick Highfield

Well, clever though I undoubtedly am ;o)) even I cannot be in two places at once and I was required to be elsewhere. Ho-hum ............

Pity though, it never occurred to me it would sell for such a modest price, they normally go for 6-7 hundred quid.

I was intrigued by the electric start spring injection Blackstone and have re-evaluated my 80watt charging device!


Kim Siddorn

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J K Siddorn

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