What Kit have you bought more than once and never finished any of them?

for me its the Revell 1/32 Beaufighter. bought it once in the 70's and again around 2 years ago. got fuselage, undercarriage and engines together and then quit. no idea why I bought it again. maybe I just like getting the bigger kits, but I had no knowledge or interest in the kit both times I bought it.

Am I alone in this?


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Well, in 1/32 you don't have a huge amount of choices. It would certainly look right with the rest of a WWII collection whether you were really interested in the A/C or not. I can see buying one just because it's there. I've bought stuff in 1/48 & 1/72 thinking I could read up and spark an interest. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. Cheers,

The Keeper (of too much crap)

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With me it's P-51's - in any and many scales. I don't know how many I've started over the years, but I do know I've only ever finished one - a 1/32 Hasegawa one. And I had two more in my stash...reduced it to one some years back. Hope I finish that one.

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Revel 1/32 Fw 190 D9 3 kits. P38 2 kits Rv-Monogram 1/48 F-100 3 kits. Revell 1/72 PT 109 3 kits. Lots of 1/35 Panthers and Tigers

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"Craig" schrieb im Newsbeitrag news: snipped-for-privacy@earthlink.net...

No. I would think any modeller with AMS does it that way. In your case You may simply have forgotten that You already had it :)

I have about 30 1/72 airplane kits unbuilt in my backlog - I bought them because they were becoming hard to find, and wanted to avoid coming too late.

And right now my freetime is filled with sail ships in different stages. I may be done with them next year :) Then I will start new ones ... I also have 3 sail ship boxes not started yet *gggg*

Oh yeah, common people may think I am crazy ... In fact, I *am* crazy about it :) But modelling is fun !

Cheers, Jan

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Jan Gelbrich

MiG-23. I bought at least 2 each of the Hasegawa, Academy and Italeri/Zvezda kits in the last 10 or so years, started most of them, but for one reason or another never managed to finish one. The only time I came VERY close was last year: I build one using parts from Hasegawa and Italeri kits and Linden Hill decals... then the final clear coat cracked!!! (I was a new brand and I hadn't tested it over the colors I was using...)

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i have JUST bought 5, yes five Airfix 72nd Lynx HM8's, not finnished this one yet.

got at least 13 Mbox T55 Lightnings, 99% finneshed one with etch and metal seats then a young Ig escaped and smashed it, i found the Ig in teh models room high up grinning at me.

25 72nd other brand of Lightnings, maybe same amount of harriers, 50+ Migs, mayny 21's inc the Fujimi ones.

on the lookout for the Airwaves etch set if nayone has it

I never build a kit unless i have another in stock, may have to change that rule since i got the Trumpeter 24th Spit and F105

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Lessee.......7-8 Monogram 1/72 P-51Bs, only one close (not OOB). Also 1 D each.; Tamiya, Haegawa, and 2 AcademyDs Same with the P-6Es, F4B-4s and F11Cs, but none started--yet. Rarebits conversions for 2 of them.

1/72 F-86s: 4 HC E/Fs, 4 Heller Es, 5 Airfix/MPC Ds, 3 Matchbox As and one unbuilt Hasegawa D 1/48 F-86s: 4 Mongram E/F/MkVs, 3 Ds (2 early, 1 late), 2 ESCI Canadairs and 1 Entex D (1/50) Several 1/72 Spads, Albatros and Fokkers (Dr1s and DVIIs) from different companies. And a whole boat load of 2 -3 ofs just to have at least one left...if I ever get to the first ones

-- Chuck Ryan snipped-for-privacy@REMOVEearthlink.net Springfield OH

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Charles Ryan

Revell-Monogram Babylon 5 Star Fury space fighter. Bought two regular ones and one limited edition one and haven't build one yet. And probably neve will.

Rob Gronovius Modern US armor at

formatting link

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Rob Gronovius

A-M's SBD-1 - I've got this idea to do an in-flight mounting of a flight of three. Haven't had the intestinal fortitude to start it yet.


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Cliff Jones

I think the few times I didnt finish a kit was due to it driving me nuts from the problems building,in which case I never buy a 2nd. But interesting you should mention the Revell 1/32 Beaufighter...I found one in a bargain outlet store a few years ago for 3 or 4 dollars,so I bought one.(The shame is they had several cases of them!).But since I prefer 1/72,I put it on ebay.Made almost 300 percent profit...a big ten bucks :)

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Back in my teens and 20s I had both the Monogram 1/72 B-52D and B-36. Both sat in my stash for a long time, and then finally I sold them. I thought both were very cool models and had every intention of doing them. They looked like they would build-up nicely (based on some built-up ones I had seen at hobby shops), yet I realized that they were simply WAAYYYY too big to display without wiping out my entire model-display area.

Fast-forward about 15-20 years, and guess what I have in my stash again? Yep, the 1/72 B-52 and B-36. It's like deja vu: I look at the boxes and think about how cool it would be to build one (or both), yet I am thinking more and more that they are too big and where would I ever display them.

Knowing how I am, I'll sell my second copies too, and then pick up my third set of these beasts sometime down the line!

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Pauli G

In article , Rob Gronovius writes

In my case one regular (half price) and four special editions (quarter price). Still only half the number needed to do all the options on the decal sheets, but that wasn't going to happen anyhow. I pencilled in Ivanovas' ship, a Black Omega and the Earthforce One escort for the initial builds, with the remaining two to be selected at a later date. Still nothing done...

Nearest runner-up must be an Esci F4 with lots of options, about four of those in the stash.

Stretching a point, my unbuilt plastic cruiser kits for "Battlefleet Gothic" get into double figures for both Imperial ands Chaos fleets, but I've several built (and some painted) examples of these.


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The Mauve Lippisch P-13

I moved heaven and earth and payed enormous amounts of money to get one from Japan to The Netherlands. (this was before the Revell version) Once the Revell version came out I just had to buy it because of the grave price difference between my mauve and this cheap "RIP-OFF". After a while a major toystore banned all military toys and sold them all for half the price so I bought another one. When further up in time the said store got down to 50% of 50% of the normal retail price I couldn't restrain myself and got another one for about $ 2,- That was less than 5% of the price I paid for the Mauve version. And adding some 5 more kits to my ever growing collection of unbuilt 1/48 kits

-- Dennis Loep The Glueing Dutchman

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Dennis Loep

ooooops, I have 30 plus Monogram and Revell 1/48 B-17's so I can do one from each Heavy Bomb Group.......none are finished of course but a few are darn close!

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Steve Faxon

I have 1 question, where do you keep that many boxes and where do you plan on displaying them all ?

Matt Gunsch, A&P,IA,Private Pilot Riding member of the 2003 world champion drill team Arizona Precision Motorcycle Drill Team GWRRA,NRA,GOA

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I don't think there are many modellers without multiple copies of something in their stash, so I guess we're all guilty of this. If you want to narrow it down to multiples of kits you have no real interest in, I think that although not exactly alone, you're among the few who will admit this (although I suspect many of fell for this one too)


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Rob van Riel

Well Matt,

I think that is the everlasting problem of the modeler/collector. Collecting the kits is just a part of the hobby. finding space to store them, finding time to build them (if you wan't to build them, that is), finding excuses for yourself why you should have that kit and one of the greatest tasks in our line of hobby is finding and coming up with excuses for the one-who-must-be-obeyed why you have to have that kit. Or find a way to sneak it past her.

I have a room for my own that is stashed like a little modelshop with some

600 unbuilt 1:48 kits. wich is, from what I've read around here frome some people, not even such a big collection. But, there will be a time.......

Dennis Loep The Glueing Dutchman

"The most exciting phrase to hear in science, the one that heralds new discoveries, is not 'Eureka!' but 'That's funny ...'" Isaac Asimov

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Dennis Loep

I built a large shop out back and it's where I do all my modelling and kit storage.... displaying the finished ones ............ well I'm not sure yet,

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Steve Faxon

Many years ago I bought the Scalecraft 1/48 scale kit of the Fiesler Storch. It was TERRIBLE! Started it but could not finish it. Then later I bought the

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