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I've just bought my first Hornby Railroad item a black oil tank wagon. It cost me GBP 3.50 brand new and boxed. The same local model shop wanted more than that for a second hand unboxed one... It looks great and it's not too fragile, although it does have plastic wheels which are slightly eccentric. I can see the price of second hand oil tankers dropping slightly... :)

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Gerald H
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With the Railroad R6366 FUEL TRAIN (ESSO, TEXACO, BURMA) & R6367 COAL TRAIN (3 X LWB OPEN WAGON) on offer at one Internet shop (MT4U) @ only =A38.50 per set it MUST effect the future prices of second hand rolling stock.

The only things that will prevent that currently are :-

Traders wishing to keep their stock value up

Ebay and it's 'silly' prices


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Dragon Heart

Not necessarilly. I thought when Bachmann's Mk1's came out the price of Hornby Mk1's would drop dramatically but they never did.


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We can live in hope !

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Dragon Heart

"Dragon Heart" wrote

The model shop where I work part time on Mondays is selling the Railroad Scotsman for mid £40s and my Governor has voiced the same opinion although I haven't had a chance to ask any of the second hand traders I know what they think yet.

I look at it this way: Mum and Dad at a show choosing between new boxed and second hand are going to go new boxed every time, especially when you remember that the X03 and X04 motors are now unsupportable.

AND: I have even sold one of the small 0-4-0 locos to a respected EM modeller for a project for around £20. His comment: "I can't build a chassis and motorise it for this price."


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Elliott Cowton

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Well my views exactly, not that I model in EM but this range should provide a lot of easy conversions.

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Chris Wilson

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