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Just been looking through the May 2007 issue of Model Rail (yes I know, a bit behind the times down under, but it doesn't matter). What struck me is the number of ads which feature distorted photos taken from manufacturer web sites, presumably. They have been very poorly stretched etc. to fit available spaces.

The classic must be the Bachmann Class 66 within Castle Trains ad (page

108), it looks like at least a Class 132, perhaps even a Class 155 ;-)

If retailers did this kind of distortion with say Coca Cola or McDonald's advertising, they would be sued or at least threatened with withdrawal of product until fixed.

Modellers are often being accused of being picky about very minor inaccuracies, yet no one picks up on things like this. The photo, I suspect looks nothing like the final product - I certainly hope not.

Kevin Martin

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Kevin Martin
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I too am guessing many of these adverts are produced from images taken from their web sites. My 'policy' when producing newsletters for work etc. was to have the best quality images as possible ... even if the end result was done as a photocopy.

Most of today's top magazines use the same principle but they use high resolution printing methods. On some adverts the printing is so small its illegible and in my opinion they try to cram too much into the available space.

But like the old saying goes " you can't make a silk purse out of a sows ear "


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