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Now I have finished my track (for the minute) I need to build some custom platforms. As I understand it the platform height is usually about 3ft above track level. As this would equate to about 12mm in 00 scale and the Peco flexitrack I have used is about 5.5mm high, Would 19mm MDF be suitable for this? If I am mistaken about sizes, or better options available, please let me know.


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Platform height did vary depending upon location and when (pre-grouping platforms tended to be lower) they were built, although I do believe there is now a standard height (buggered if I can remember what it is though).


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John Turner

Standard is now 915mm above rail level.

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Jeff McGhie


I've made mine by using a lengths of 15mm timber edged with brick paper, and will (when I'm finally ready in install them!) make the surfaces with card - which you can computer print with slab patterns and edging lines to your requirements. Looking at my incomplete parts against a DMU on a length of track they look a little low, but can be fitted onto scraps of card to adjust the height to what looks right - any adjustment gap at the bottom can be hidden under ballast.

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I've just started putting my platforms in. last time around I used MDF as you'er about to, this time I'm using a combination of 12mm rectangular mouldings (from the timber merchant) topped with ply.

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