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Hi All,
I want to set up a OO layout in my loft, I am thinking of basing it loosly
on Kingsbridge (Devon) on a large baseboard at one end of the loft, but with
a through single mainline that I will run around the perimeter of the loft
on a 10" width
My questions:-
1. Would it be better to run a twin track around the perimeter? expect it to
cost me about a further 25 yards of track.
2. I am planning to use Peco flexitrack, Code 100 or Code 75?
3. I need 8 sets of points, Electrofrog or Insulfrog? And reasons if
Hope you can help, advice and suggestions gratefully received.
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"Edward Bray" wrote in news:46e4f.29615$ snipped-for-privacy@fe1.news.blueyonder.co.uk:
Why not, it's give you a fair bit more operating potential for very little added complexity.
If you have to ask I'd suggest code 100 that way no problems at all with regards to running shop bought stock and any second hand stuff you may pick up straight out of the box.
Insulfrog ... electrofrog give much better conductivity ... that is no chance of your engines staling or stuttering over the pointwork however the wiring is a little more complex which in turn works out as a little more expensive and time consuming to set up. Besides providing you look after your stock it shouldn't stall on the point work anyway.
HTH ... I'm guessing you're just starting out or just returning to the hobby in which case I'd advise in all things KISS, you'll be up and running in no time at all and once you're off that's when you can sit back and think about the bits you really like doing ... kit building, electrics, building scenary, operating ... whatever and then sit back and concentrate on teh bits you like and not the bits you may decide are a chore.
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Chris Wilson
Thanks for your reply Chris,
I am returning to the hobby after many years absence, and previously my outfit was little more than a big trainset, lots of track, lots of rolling stock, little scenery and lots of money spent.
My grandson is now 3 years old and "Thomas the Tank Engine" Mad and I have now got a bit of disposable income and a large boarded out and insulated loft with power and light, and I thought I would make an layout that we could both use and as he gets older, work on together. I also have a job that gives me two 9 day breaks in every six week cycle and I want something to keep me occupied through the winter months.
I have purchased the Bachmann Thomas, Percy and James for him, but have no other rolling stock or equipment at present.
I thought the Kingsbridge layout taken from the book "Baseboard Basics and Making Tracks" (page 10) looked interesting but thought that where the Branch line terminated in the station, I could make it a through line.
Concerned about DCC as I know very little about it and am not sure if it is what I want, but by the same token would not like to waste money on multiple track controller/s if I am then going to chang to DCC later, I may be better off looking at that at the inception.
Thanks again for your help, and any advice would be welcome.
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