Joining Code 100 to Code 75 track

Is there a simple way of doing this?

I just made a test track, using a metre of track and leaving half a metre of space to attach various points (to check slow running over the crossings). Unfortunately I inadvertently used code 100 track, and the points I want to check are code 75. I also imagine there are plenty of people who want to use up old stocks of code 100 in fiddle yards.

I mainly model N gauge, the OO is just for fun. There is no problem joining together both codes of Peco N gauge track as the code 55 just has the extra bit buried in the sleeper moulding, but the OO track has a different rail height.


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David Littlewood
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Peco SL-112 dual standard rail joiners.

If only Peco had real product data on their "web site", I hear something may be in the works...


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Yes, Peco sell Code 75 to Code 100 joiners. Guy

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Just zis Guy, you know?

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