Is PECO and Hornby track 'OO'?


I've been looking at scale OO track (SMP) and comparing it to PECO and Hornby. They seem quite different, the PECO and Hornby track looks more narrow guage with a model on it, the SMP looks better. I'm guessing it's because the sleeper length and spacing on the SMP are more accurate for OO.

Is the PECO and Hornby track a compromise between OO and HO? i.e. are the sleeper lengths and spacing half way between the 2 scales or is it purely HO with the only OO thing about it the guage? If PECO and Hornby have made it to HO scale I can see why, most 16.5mm guage track will be sold for HO layouts (rest of Europe and USA etc.) so making 2 sizes of sleeper would be expensive when 1 can 'do'.

The above is important as I need a layout to run recent RTR (so EM and P4 etc. are out) but want somthing that looks OK. PECO is obviously a step up from Hornby but is it any better in terms of scale, the flexi sections could be better in SMP and perhaps it's worth soldering up the few points I need in the visible sections of the layout to be able to get the correct sleeper size.


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Sam Peld
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"Sam Peld" wrote

Peco & Hornby are closer to HO than 4mm scale.


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John Turner

There's a good article on the scale (or not so scale) aspects of Peco sleeper spacing in one of the magazines at:

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Page 20, issue 3.

- Nigel

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Oddly, the improved HO track recently introduced in N. America by Atlas (both rigid and flextrack) has larger sleepers/ties than either Hornby or Peco. My Hornby stock runs fine on all three - the old Atlas was closer to 17mm gauge - too wide for today's Hornby/Bachmann wheels.

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