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This months Model Rail features a layour combining SMP 'OO' bullhead track with Peco Code 75 pointwork. Anyone out there able to confirm this works and with what rail joiners. Also I recall some mention here before of a flexible track which couldn't be flexed to as tight a radius as Peco. Can't recall if this was SMP or some other. How tight a radius can SMP be curved to? Thanks, Tom.

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Tom B
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Tighter than anything will go round, providing that you snip all the sleeper webs so all the sleepers are independent of each other.


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We have used SMP on the scenic area of a layout and Peco code 75 in the fiddle yard - saves building all that pointwork!

Use the Peco joiners at the interface and preferably solder the SMP side of the join. It will be necessary to pack the SMP track approaching the join as the sleeper base of SMP is thinner than that of the Peco track.

By the way, if you look carefully at the photographs, you will be able to see several areas where Peco plain track has obviously been used - the rail fastenings are the give-away.

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Bill Campbell

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