Peco vs Hornby turnouts and crossings

Hi all again,

I'm looking at a small expansion in my layout...

I need to replace a couple of points too, and add a crossover/diamond. Key question: I have an existing Hornby R8072 LH Point - is there a Peco equivalent (Insulfrog) ?

I know Peco is more expensive than hornby, but also they seems to have better running quality, so my new segment will be built with peco track. It's just the point and crossing have to "fit" into existing Hornby sized gaps.


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Ian Cornish
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"Ian Cornish" wrote

Peco setrack points have the same geometry as those made by Hornby - you need to be looking at ST-240 & ST-241 from memory. There is a slight difference in the diamond crossings - the Hornby ones are 'handed' whilst Peco's are not. All Peco setrack items are Insulfrog.

More than that, the Peco points seem much better made and we have *VERY* few failures, whilst the Hornby points have a habit of falling apart around the tie bars.


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John Turner

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Yes very much so, but a year of so ago when the layout was still in son's bedroom I had an issue with a couple of peco points where the spring had popped from it's mounting ... now that is a bugger, esp as ballast had been laid etc etc etc.

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Chris Wilson

One advantage of wire-in-tube pint control is that even if the spring fails there is (in my experience) enough friction in the system to hold the point in position, even without a polarity-changing switch or point lever attached.


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Agreed. I will probably have to go over to Peco points for all future replacements as since Hornby moved their track production to China, the long lastingness of their points has been abysmal, I have even had one that was near as junk from new, whereas a couple of the old Austrian ones from the late 1980's I still have work perfectly.

Regards John M Upton

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