Hornby wheels Peco and double-slips - do they mix?

I've just bought a load of Peco track, including points, crossovers and
double slips. I was half way through laying it and thought I should
try some rolling stock over it, especially around the points and
double-slips to make sure they were all alligned properly before I went
too far.
Oh dear, problems, problems. First I tried some very old Hornby
coaches (probably 1970s/80s) and they would barely go over the points
and just jumped off completely at the crossover and double slip. Then
I tried some more modern Hornby coaches which were fine over the points
and crossing, but derailed virtually every time over the double slip.
They also dereailed over a curved point arrangement.
I bought all the coaches second hand over the past few months from
ebay, the local train shop and a couple of model railway exhibitions in
preparation for the new layout. I can understand the old Hornby
coaches as they probably have a old-style wheel that presumably needs
replacement, but I can't understand the modern Hornby stock.
Have I made a monumental mistake in using Peco track with Hornby
rolling stock? Should I have used Hornby track instead. I have
probably spent around =A3300 on new Peco track so I am not really able
to scrap it and replace it. Anyone got any recommendations for buying
a load of replacement wheels that will go over Peco double-slips and
are compatible with Hornby coaches?
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"Middleagedcrisis" wrote
If they're the wheelsets with square axles then they need replacing. These short-lived wheelsets wouldn't run reliably on any track. Hornby make some nice replacement metal wheels which are relatively cheap and work well.
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John Turner
I was wary of putting double slips on my layout but so far I have had no problems with any Hornby stock going over them. Rolling stock run to date has been pullmans and Eurostars and goods wagens. Any number of locs have been run, including tender drive locos and so far none have come to grief so I am keeping my fingers crossed.
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Thanks for pointing this out John - still being at the 'planning & acquiring bits' stage I was not aware that these wheels were bad news - but having just run a few of them over a Peco point they are staggeringly bad, it's amazing how inconsistent they are! What sort of price do these replacement sets retail at?
Is it a safe bet that a (code 100) double slip will handle anything that 'normal' Peco point will? My track plan requires a double slip that 90% of movements will pass over, and I remember a very dubious double slip on a friend's layout 20+ years ago and don't relish a repeat of those problems!
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Ian H
Thanks John, it seems another trip to my local model shop is needed - I'd assume that a couple of packs of these would be below your mail order limit?
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Ian H
"Ian H" wrote
No problem with an order of that size but our £2.00 minimum postage charge may deter you?
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John Turner

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