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Hi All, Looking back in the mags I'm sure I read someone (Company) was looking for ideas for road vehicles to model as an accessory for model railways, but I can't seem to find the article or who the manufacturer was asking (Have I dreamed this all up?)

What I wanted to suggest if I have not imagined this whole thing was something like a Bedford TK with the hopper on the back for loading coal sacks to the rear where the men picked them up straight onto their backs. (No doubt H&S would frown on this today!) as it is something I remember well from my childhood but only ever see in flat back lorry form now (Saw one this am, hence why the suggestion.)

Anyway, enough of this, back to the Blue Pullman model.

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Andy Sollis- Churnet Valley model Railway Dept.
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I do seem to recall Langely Models asking about new ideas for models, although not specifically road vehicles. I wouldn't swear to it though.

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Is this anything to do with the NCB's "Coal Tanker" service using a vehicle with an enclosed hopper body - and already reproduced in a larger scale by Corgi?

David Belcher

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I think I remember reading the article too but I can't remember where or the name of the company.


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