Peco 'Universal'

I've read a lot about track standards on the Google archive of this
group, but can someone specifically comment on Peco's various
I have some 20+ year old 'Universal' points - old, though not
well-worn - which seem to be out of gauge at the heel end (?? I mean
the end opposite the frog).
Modern wheels seem to just drop in between the tracks. It doesn't seem
to happen on the newer points, so my suspicion is that they are
designed differently.
Is this possible? Is the only solution to replace with modern ones? Is
the only REAL solution to change to Finescale? (Given that I don't
have a spare lifetime to change all the track and rolling-stock to EM
or P4)
David, Wrexham, UK
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It's possible that the stock rails at the heel of the point(s) have come adrift from their fastenings and as a consequence have *gone out of gauge*. I can't think of any other reason why wheelsets with a correct 14.5mm back-to-back measurement would fall inside.
Current code 100 Peco points are still made to the same gauge, although clearance between check and stock rails will be smaller as will clearance through the crossing nose of the point.
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John Turner
A very old Peco universal 100 curved point I own is much coarser compared to current Peco. The check gauge 15.2mm is the same as current turnouts. The track gauge at the points end is larger than current turnouts, around 17mm, which is enough to cause finescale wheels to drop of the rail as David has found out. Sound like he needs to replace points or stick with old models with wide wheels.
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Terry Flynn
"Terry Flynn" wrote
How strange, didn't realise the change in gauge.
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John Turner

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