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Hi All,

Some spammer has hi-jacked my domain name (again), but not my address book. I've put a note on my website about it. If anyone gets spam purporting to come from [identity]@isoplethics - it wasn't me.


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Tim Christian
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doesn't have to come from a hijack... you send a mail to anyone and it passes through a skimmer, your email addy is put on the lists along with milions of others. I often get mail from "postmaster@,com" saying teh mailbox I tried to reach doesn't exist. It will come as no surprise to know that I sent no such mail, but it was returned to me - hence someoneused it to send the original... just one of the evils we have to live with. What p*sses me off id others that don't realisethis and send stroppy emails demanding to know why I sent them a virus or whatever.

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