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A good search-word for two-legged robots is "biped". It gives a lot of results in Google.

At the University of Delft (Netherlands) a group is doing research on human-like walking by robots.

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I am completly new to the robotics but i wonder if it is posible to build a good and flexible mech-robot on two legs. Small one about 30cm tall...

And some teory about this if you can.


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I don't know what level of power you are looking for or at what level you wish to work electonics and mechanics. If you just want to create a 'proof of concept' type thing, take a look at Lego's Mindstorms website. There are several dozen examples of biped walkers, like anthropod walkers and 'chicken' (reverse-joint) walkers. Really interesting designs.....

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William Merryman

For small bipeds, it is probably easiest to use an internal gyroscope to provide a good reference for standing and walking. It will allow you to make things much simpler in the long run.


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