Wonder if anyone has experience with the Sig Wonder?

I wonder if anyone has experience with the Sig Wonder? Where is the CG supposed to be, etc. Thanks, David

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David and Linda Andrews
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2 5/16" up to 2 7/16" from L.E.

In other words, the range is 1/8".

I made a pop-bottle canopy for mine and flew it with three different engines. I also put rudders on it, driven by one small servo.

My favorite engine for it was a TT GP .25.

Let us know how yours turns out.


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Martin X. Moleski, SJ

I'm on my second one. Great flying plane, would be better with rudders. An OS 25 makes them a rocket. (I always wanted to try one with a Webra 32.)

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For years I have flown a HOB .19 sized P-51 with an O.S. 32 on the nose. I have always thought that was a rocketship since I could put it into a climbing Lomchevak. All up weight is in the neighborhoods of 3 pounds, give or take an ounce. I know the Wonder weighs less. . .

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