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Hello I'm looking at buying a 4 stroke for a scale spitfire, perhaps a 90 or 120 size, as always cost is an issue, if it wasn't I'd go right ahead and buy a laser or an os.So I;I'm looking at the cheaper ones around, has anyone had any dealings with SC,Magnum or ASP 4 strokes, I had an SC 2 stroke in a heli and it was a piece of crap....any opinions would be gladly received. Thanks Firebucket

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I have a Magnum .91 FS. Probably the best running engine I ever had. I would buy another.

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Fubar of The HillPeople

I have an Enya 1.20. Bought many years ago and it just keeps on plugging away. By no means the most powerful 1.20 out there, especially when new. But it's been a solid, reliable performer for many years and many gallons.


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Of the cheap ones, I would go with a Thunder Tiger or Magnum.

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Paul McIntosh

I have 3 Magnums and a couple of Saitos. All have run great. Break in that new engine properly.

opinions will vary, jk

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John N. Kessler

I have four-cycle engines from Saito, O.S. and Magnum. Magnum is the only brand I won't buy again.

YMMV, Bob Scott

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