press-fix decal help?

Can anyone suggest how I might solve this problem with the press-fix decals in a Slater's kit I'm building. The b*gg*rs just don't want to stick to my painted wagon with "firm finger pressure" as the instructions say they should. Anyone got any tips for getting these things to work? Hotter hands? Some magic liquid?

Thanks in advance for any help!


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Hi Duncan

I do not know if the Slaters transfers are the same as the "PressFix" marketed by the HMRS but the trick with the HMRS type is treat them like the "Methfix" ones if the "glue" has "gone off". If I remember rightly the mix is 1 part meths to 3 parts water. This is applied to the model, and the transfer pressed into place. The backing paper is then removed with water. I presume the meths is a mild solvent for the glue and thus provides just enought "stick" to hold the transfer in place.


Tony Cane

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