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I've just been discussong silver soldering small detail parts with a friend and we got on to discussing small, controllable sources of heat which wouldn't melt the work pieces. I can remember having something called a Valtock(sp?) blowlamp many years ago which used meths and never worked all that well, but I wonder what the modern equivalent is these days.

I think I also remember jewellers using something like a small blowpipe and creating a flame by blowing through a soft flame from a meths wick, but can't find any details on the 'Net.


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Jim Guthrie
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Jewellers used Town gas (from Coke) and added air and pressure by blowing a very high heat source. The modern north sea gas does not work as well. Its the mix of air with pressure or force that gives the extra heat . There are some small propane units with a small pump like the fish tanks have or you can use compressed air. I dont think a meths wick will get any where near enough to 600 ° forced air or not, But I believe they where used for soft solder.

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Town gas came from coal...coke was the by-product, I think you may be thinking of Producer gas

Doesn't make sense, could you re-word?

The modern north sea gas does not work as well. Its

The only difference between a natural gas Bunsen and a Town gas one is the size and position of the jet.

The temperature of a meths flame is little different from a gas flame. The Vatlock certainly was used (by me for example) to silver solder small items. If Jim can find a source I would happily dump my cheap butane gas torch

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Ken Parkes

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