Traction tyres

If I take them off, will the loco appear lopp-sided? I want to improve electrical pick-up by collecting power from all the wheels, will this work?

Thanks, Neal.

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Neal Ball
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"Neal Ball" wrote

The traction tyres sit in a recess in the wheel tread, if you remove the tyres then you will get erratic running, especially through pointwork.


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John Turner

Depends what you are taking them off. I took them off my Hornby Fowler

2-6-4T and it runs with much less of a wobble; the grooves are quite shallow and don't cause problems on points. I haven't tried taking them off my tender-driven steam locos; my Gresley A4 in particular has a very wobbly tender. If you're talking about diesels, I can't help!
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You might find a replacement set of wheels from Ultrascale might help too, if you want otfork out for more wheels..

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They do sets for all the major RTR diesles, and they do > >

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