acetylene regulator question

I recently up-sized my acetylene cylinder from a 40cf (B) to a 60cf
When I tried to attach the spud end of the regulator to the new
cylinder, the regulator gauge hits the rim of the cylinder so i
couldn't tighten the regulator spud nut. I stopped by the hardware
store (the welding store was closed by now) and (of course) they didn't
have any regulator parts. But they did have brass fittings. I removed
the spud from the regulator and replaced it with a 1.5" double ended
brass fitting, then a brass coupler, then the original spud (to
lengthen the spud). I used teflon tape on all the fittings. It works
fine with no leaks. The regulator is brass so i figured brass fittings
are adequate.(i know copper is not)
Does anyone have any thoughts or safety concerns with this set up?
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thanks to all who responded... i stopped by the welding store and spent $3.90 on a longer spud. now back to sleep everyone... where's this echo comin' from? :)
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Howdy Walt, I'm just back from an out of town job, putting up a communications tower. I see that you have already gone back to your welding distributor, and purchased what you needed from them. That might not have been required, but under the circumstances, it was certainly the safest, and most intelligent, thing to do. It only makes sense to me to go out of my way to ensure that I've done everything I can do to eliminate careless mistakes. That includes taking the extra time and effort to always be watchful for those things I might not know anything about. They are often times the most deadly. Apparently, you have those same survival, and safety skills already in place, and functioning quite well. My hope in writing this is that someone reads this post who might not be taking their safety, and the safety of those around them, as seriously as they need to be. It doesn't help any of us to become Master welders one day, only to become history the next. I know, I know, I'm preaching to the choir. Anyway, sorry for the rant Walt. Good luck.
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