Again taking apart my acetylene regulator help

Hello again
After a couple of days the regulator malfunctioned again. This time I
really want to take my hand at repairing it, but again hit the wall. This
time I put pics of the regulator in the dropbox (acetyleneregulator*.jpeg)
What I cannot remove is the slotted thing (the valve stem?). I tried to
turn it in both counter and clockwise with a small tool fashioned with
some angle iron, so hard the iron bent yet it did not budge. Stopped
trying since I was mangling the brass. Perhaps one must push the valve pin
to pull at the same time the slotted cylinder?
I suppose I could take it to the shop again but I really want to learn how
to dissasemble it.
Any help thanked in advance
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After searching the Web I cant find a regulator designed like mine. All schematics I see show the housing cap screwing around the body, so that unscrewing the housing seems to grant access to the regulator's internals. Mine has the cap screwing inside the body but then it will not open the inside of th regulator. The brand is Surefire (which seems to be part of Bernzomatic), model is TX99034 , and made in USA.
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Take it to the shop, and ask to watch them use the special steel tool to unscrew the slotted brass nut.
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jim rozen
Next time take it to a guy who rebuilds regulators, if you're lucky enough to have a business like that. In Seattle we are fortunate to have Hansen & Miller on Leary Way in Ballard - those guys are amazing, and CHEAP.
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Grant Erwin
I was going to write how the labor would probably be as much as a new regulator. Then I did a search at Grainger. Holy Crap! I could get a set of baby bottles with torch set for less than most of what they list.
Like others have said, I would take it someplace that rebuilds regulators and get an estimate. Don't be shocked at the quote.
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I had a Smith regulator a few years back that I had rebuilt because I especially liked it with it's cute little hard hat, and it cost me $65. Stung a bit, but I just sold off some other junk to offset the cost.
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