Pulsing Acetylene Regulator

A year-and-a-half ago I replaced a pulsing acetylene regulator with a medium duty Victor. I use this rig irregularly, and was truly bummed yesterday to find a new case of pulsing. This regulator was put on the tank when new, and hasn't been removed. I took it off yesterday and gave a cleaning blast on the tank, but didn't see any debris come out. The tank has 275 psi, so supply isn't a factor. Questions abound:

-- Are there quick-fixes to get this regulator going again?

-- If No to the above, is this regulator worth repairing? Or simply replace it, again? (If replace, please give advice on reliable unit.)

-- Could I have a contaminated tank? What else could be causing this? Many thanks in advance.

-- Murray "Frustrated in Houston"

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What size is your acetylene tank? Can you try the regulator on another tank? I have never experienced pulsation of the acetylene and think it unlikely that you have had two regulators that pulse. I assume you are using the acetylene for a torch. Could it be something with the torch like a valve that is loose.


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You could try out the regulator on a standard propane tank and see if the problem continues.

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