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I sent e mails to Jackson Products main site, but they were kicked back saying Jackson wasn't on the public list of websites. I could send to thousands of other listed sources for the helmet, but really would like to send to fewer people.

Any sites?

How about other lurkers here?

Where to get springs for Huntsman/Jackson/NexGen menage a trois?


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According to Ernie "I also called

Just in case Ernie is not available at the moment..

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John D

Call the contact number on their main site. Ask for tech support.

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Ernie Leimkuhler

I was hoping to get it for "free" without having to make a pay call. But I will keep it short, and with the help of John D providing me the part number, it won't be bad. Heck, it's probably a free call on my cell.



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The replacement spring is slightly better than the one it replaces, but is in no way as secure as the holder in the NexGen helmet. It kind of bugs me that a $300 module is being held in by a $2 spring.

I also started having a fogging problem, on occasion, between the inner lens and the auto darkening module. It's kind of hard to hold your breath and weld at the same time :). Ernie suggested anti-fogging spray, but I haven't tried that yet.

The helmet is smaller which makes it easier to get into tighter spaces.

When you get it together, let me know what you think. It's a local call on your cellular if you want to call :).

Robert Henderson, NV

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Robert Bender

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