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The little woman has decided she needs a copper trellis for the climbing roses. I plan on using fitted joints vs plumbing fittings.

A little nosing around on the net reveals I have two methods of joining; solder and brazing. Solder wouldn't oxidize like copper. That leaves brazing. What, besides brass rod, can I use to braze? HVAC friend says he brazes copper all the time. His sticks look like flat solder to me.

Suggestions and education welcome.

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Andy Asberry
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More than likely it is silver solder. It comes in small, flat sticks as you mention.

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Do not solder, you will be sorry. They won't hold up without using plumbers fittings, there isn't enough surface area. Believe me, been there done that, and I hated the T-Shirt I got.

The flat sticks that your friend is using is called sil-phos. It is what I use. It is self fluxing and works great. There are a few different varieties out there, some are better at filling in voids (non perfect fitting joints) than others. Ask your friend for a source. You can see the JW Harris web site at:

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. The color doesn't match too well, but most people don't mind, and the better you are at it the less it will show. Practice helps a lot. You will need a hot torch like air/acetylene or oxygen/acetylene. A normal propane torch just won't cut it.

You can view my web page at:

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for some examples of my work. Lane

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Nice website, got a question or two if you don't mind.

First, how did you achieve the vergidis on the pieces you show? I have heard of a "patenaing(sp) cocktail" using vinegar, muriatic acid and a few other things to speed the process along, just wondered what your process was like. Not asking for any trade secrets here, maybe just a heads up on which way to go.

Secondly, do you do anything with copper sheets? In a past life, 15-20 years ago, my Dad and I done quite a bit of copper work. Mostly gutters and downspouts, chimney flashing and the like but we got to do some custom stuff that I wish we had taken some pics of but didn't. I want to get back into it as a hobby/secondary income, was just wondering if you had done any.

Thanks in advance and again nice site, Jim C Roberts

PS You have some beautiful country out there, the mountains in the background of some of your pics really compliment your work. Jim

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Jim C Roberts

Jim, I've sent you a separate email also.....

The patina I use is very simple and cheap. Miracle-Gro liquid fertilizer!

I've done very little with copper sheet. I've made two chimney caps for my brother-in-law who does roofing.

Thanks for the compliments.... appreciate it.


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I would suggest brazing it with phoscopper, or equivalent. The wire is inexpensive, and has the same colour as copper. No flux is needed for copper.

Steve R.

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