Building Outdoor Wood Boiler

I'm planning to build an outdoor wood boiler which I can use to heat my
house, shop and part of my barns. I intend to build it as large as possible
( 8' * 4' firebox) Looking for any information on metal type to use and also
if anyone has any info on gasification of wood products that would be hugely
helpful as I'm having a hard time finding info that is unbiased as most
sources so far are trying to sell something.
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You might try getting in touch with this guy...
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Pete Snell
It can be a HUGE subject. Yes, it seems everyone willing to share knowledge has something to sell (-: You might want to try some of the "Survival" and "Self sufficiency" sites, also browse magazines such as Mother Earth News - OK, if you don't want to buy it go read it at the library. Hmmm, this day and age, they might be on the web.
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Put an ad in the local paper for a used one that leaks.(worth almost scrap price) That way you would have the forced draft, the aquastat, the high limit, the water jacketed door and hinges, the temp gauge, the sheet metal housing and insulation and a pattern for the part you need to build. One improvement you should make to an older one is to add an ash auger, with an auger you can remove ashes without letting your fire go out. Steve Peterson
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Mother earth news had a recent do it yerself guide on this very subject. If you are lucky nuff to get a scrap unit, your laughing!!! Remember, steel prices are sky high right now, goodluck and keep us posted--i'm sitting here freezing my ass off thinking about exactly the same thing...firewood has also hit all time highs in the northland with a logging truck load of hardwood now fetching $800C in green log form. Methinks we are in the beginning of an energy crisis but the press is afraid of panicking idiot consumers?
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BTW:::: The $800C load of logs showed up and was complete crap, good stuff will cost a hundred more.
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